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Another example of regional collaboration was on display in the regional newspapers this weekend. As part of a series of articles about the Chevy Volt, an article in the Grand Rapids Press and Muskegon Chronicle reported how the three major cities in the region–Grand Rapids, Holland, and Muskegon–are working together to receive federal subsidies for 98 charging stations for electric vehicles.

This particular effort is part of WMSA’s Clean Cities Coalition. The initiative is focused on the development local markets for clean vehicle technologies and creating alternative fuel corridors along 196 and I-196 between Grand Rapids, Muskegon and Holland.


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Congrats to the “Commit to Be Fit” program, a collaboration between Spectrum Health and The SOURCE, a nonprofit work force  collaboration. The employee wellness program received the 2010 Ludwig Community Benefit Award.

The SOURCE led to the creation of West Michigan Team, a program to help area residents gain long-term employment, that received funding from our WIRED initiative.

It’s good to see the collaborative spirit of SOURCE continues and is being recognized.

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It was nice to read that West Michigan is a national leader on sustainability in a recent column in MiBiz written by Jesse Brimmer, sustainable business consultant.

In “West Michigan sets the national standard” Brimmer recounts the LEED certifications and other activities that set our region apart from others in the country with regard to green building and other sustainable practices. But what most impresses us at WMSA is the noted collaboration between business, government, and educational institutions. Cross-sector collaboration is the core of our mission, and the key to success in our green infrastructure and other initiatives. We applaud those who work together toward common goals that benefit our region.

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Foundation Awards $574,275 in Scholarships to Local Students
Half of awards go to first generation college students

July 16, 2010

For Immediate Use

Contact: Amanda St. Pierre, PR & Marketing Specialist
P: 616.454.1751 x132
E: astpierre@grfoundation.org

This fall, 539 local students will start a new year of college knowing they have the support of their community as recipients of scholarships from Grand Rapids Community Foundation.  This year’s investment in students totals $574,275, an increase of $16,000 from last year.

The Community Foundation, along with 61 community volunteers who serve on its various selection committees, processed 1,238 scholarship applications this spring.  The Foundation was encouraged to see a continued rise in applications and awards made to first generation college students—those whose parent(s) have not pursued a college degree. 

Recently, the Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees approved recommendations to place more emphasis on assisting first generation and low-income students with the financial aid and scholarship process. As a result, Ruth Bishop, education program officer has taken a leadership role in the establishment of a local college access network called KCCAN (Kent County College Access Network), part of MCAN (Michigan College Access Network).  Bishop also presented college readiness, financial aid and scholarship application assistance sessions at 20 local events during the 2009-2010 school year.

The additional outreach seems to have paid off with 54 percent of this year’s scholarship awards going to first generation college students—a 17 percent increase since 2005. Additionally, 45 percent of this year’s recipients have family incomes of $30,000 or less.

“To help our community continue to grow and prosper we aim to help local families change the cycle of low-education attainment.  From research, we know that communities with higher concentrations of well-educated people have more households with incomes of $75,000 and up and fewer households with incomes at or below the poverty level.  We see the Community Foundation as a catalyst to ensure that the next generation of Grand Rapidians is more well-educated and ready to lead knowledge-based industries,” Bishop said.

 Additional points of interest regarding this year’s scholarship awards include:

  • 91 percent of scholarships are going to Michigan colleges and universities.
  • Over 45 percent of the awards are going to West Michigan colleges and universities.
  • Grand Valley State University students are receiving the most support with $85,900 in scholarships.
  • Top areas of study for recipients include health care, law/social science and business.
  • 63 percent of recipients are female and 37 percent are male.
  • 27 percent of the students receiving a scholarship represent diverse populations.
  • 28 percent of high school seniors awarded scholarships are Grand Rapids Public School graduates.

 To learn more about Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s scholarship program, please visit www.grfoundation.org.  You may also call Roberta King, APR or Amanda St. Pierre at 616.454.1751.


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Since WMSA was formed 10 years ago our mission has been “to be a catalyst for regional collaboration.” Sometimes we do that through the hard work of meeting and planning.

But we also like to point out and praise collaboration that happens when businesses, nonprofits, and governments in West Michigan practice it without our involvement. Such is the case with Habitat for Humanity, whose collaborative efforts were featured in this week’s Business Review page one article.

It’s another example of how working together builds success for the region.

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WMSA has named Elaine Sterrett Isely the new project manager of the Green Infrastructure initiative.

You can read more about Elaine in our news release, or an interview from today’s edition of Business Review.

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The Walmart Foundation has awarded a $550,000 grant to the West Michigan Strategic Alliance t expand a pilot adult worker literacy program in Kent County to Ottawa and Muskegon counties. Eventually the program will cover all eight counties that are the focus of WMSA.

WMSA partnered on the project with Grand Rapids Community College and the Literacy Center of West Michigan.

You can read more about the grant and the project in the Walmart Foundation news release or the WMSA news release.

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