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Listen to Internship Project Manager, Cindy Brown, on the Tony Gates show (1340 AM – WJRW) at 2:00 PM today.   Check it out and let us know what you think!


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Internships are supposed to be an opportunity to gain professional work experience. But work can also be fun and social.

That was the idea  behind a recent Intern Olympics event that brought interns from West Michigan together to meet each other and area professionals. You can read more in the Southeast Advance article about the event.

Students and employers can also learn more about internships at the WMSA Internship Initiative page.

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Students do internships to learn in a hands-on way about their chosen career. It’s a form of job training. 

But one of the things we’ve learned in our Internship Initiative is that employers want training too–to learn how to set up an internship program, how to recruit and manage interns, and more.

Now, WMSA is responding with just that sort of training. Learn more if you want to improve your internship program or have questions about starting one.

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WMSA along with the Detroit Regional Chamber and other partners won a Midwest Collaboration Award for working together to launch the InterninMichigan.com Web site.

You can read more about it in a press release from Media Genesis, the Troy, Michigan Web development firm that worked on the project.

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Employers in the region have expressed in surveys that attracting and retaining young talented professionals is their number one issue currently. That’s why WMSA started its internship initiative and other efforts to address the problem.

But there is good news as well. The current MiBiz includes a roundtable of young women professionals who provide some encouraging answers to the question why they like to live and work in the West Michigan region. We encourage you to read it if you have not already.

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InterninMichigan.com continues to grow. As of June 5 there are 3,274 students registered, 406 employers registered, and 125 internships posted. 

InternInMichigan.com is a state-wide effort to create more internships in Michigan. Learn more. If you are a Michigan student or employer, check out the site now and post or apply for an internship.


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Jamie Sheppard, executive director of the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America, Inc. Great Lakes Chapter based in Grand Rapids, was at a point where either she was going to have an intern or not. As the only employee of her organization, she has relied on interns in the past during the summer when they begin their annual planning and fundraising activities. This year, she had not been able to attract an intern.

But when she saw an article about InterninMichigan.com in Business Review, she thought she would try the new service. In two weeks she had an intern for the summer.

“The site was great in the way it allowed me to search for students by degree field,” says Sheppard, who emailed GVSU non-profit administration major Kristen VanBelle. “From that email to the interview only took about two weeks; I never even posted the position on the site because I was able to go to a student instead of waiting for them to come to me.”

In the future, Sheppard does plan to post internship opportunities on InternInMichigan.com, including one in accounting for this fall. 

If you are  a student or employee who has a success story with InternInMichigan.com, please comment here.

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