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Employers in the region have expressed in surveys that attracting and retaining young talented professionals is their number one issue currently. That’s why WMSA started its internship initiative and other efforts to address the problem.

But there is good news as well. The current MiBiz includes a roundtable of young women professionals who provide some encouraging answers to the question why they like to live and work in the West Michigan region. We encourage you to read it if you have not already.


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Alternative Energy in West Michigan

Birgit Klohs of the Right Place has a nice blog post on MLive about the efforts in West Michigan to seize opportunities in alternative energy. We encourage you to read it for some good news about the region’s prospects in this economic sector and environmental effort.

Also, if you want background on this topic, read the Alternative and Renewable Energy Cluster Analysis that was published in December 2007.

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The mayor Greensburg, Kansas will speak in Grand Rapids on July 23 about his town is rebuilding green after being nearly totally destroyed by a tornado last year.

He is speaking as part of the GreenTown conference traveling the country. (This is not a WMSA event, but we wanted to bring it to your attention.)

In Grand Rapids, the event will be at Grand Valley State University’s DeVos campus in downtown Grand Rapids and will presentations on a variety of topics:

  • Green Jobs for the New Economy
  • A Renewable Future: Developing, Harnessing and Deploying Renewable Energy
  • Growing a New Agricultural Economy
  • Eco-Tourism: Greening Tourism for a New Generation of Travel
  • Greening Homes: How Communities and Builders are Creating High Performance Houses
  • Can Healthcare Become Truly Healthy? How Hospitals are Going Green and Promoting Patient Health
  • Rethinking Transportation: From Biking to Rail to Personal Vehicles; Developing New Ways to Move Through Communities
  • Economics of Sustainability
  • Healthy Water Management: Protecting and Preserving the Lake Michigan Water Basin
  • Food Scraps to Composting: Municipal and Commercial Efforts to Combat Global Climate Disruption

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InterninMichigan.com continues to grow. As of June 5 there are 3,274 students registered, 406 employers registered, and 125 internships posted. 

InternInMichigan.com is a state-wide effort to create more internships in Michigan. Learn more. If you are a Michigan student or employer, check out the site now and post or apply for an internship.


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Transportation is one of the many issues those involved with WMSA think about from a regional perspective. Everything from rapid bus service to light rail has been discussed as ways to efficiently connect the various cities in the region to provide more  mass transit options to aid those without cars or benefit others who prefer to save on personal fuel expense. But these things take time. 

There is some progress though, as evidenced in this recent article in Business Review.

What do you think? We’d be interested to know whether you think regional transportation options are needed, what kinds, and if you would use them, for what purposes? 

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